16 June 2009

The Clothesline Story

Let me introduce you to my Amish husband...just kidding! Although he looks a bit Amish, eh?
My sweet hubby climbed way up this tree to make a dream a reality for me. I'd been intrigued by Amish clotheslines for years. They often run from Amish houses to nearby barns, poles, etc. This just seemed ideal to me. Saving energy, yet not toting heavy baskets of wet clothes all around the yard while carrying a little one.
So with a little help from a little guy, Jonathan rigged up one sweet clothesline for me last week!
A couple months ago we were at an Amish farm/store in our community. They had a line running from their back porch way up into a tree across their driveway. That was our Ah-Ha! moment. We had never seen one at such a steep angle before - an idea we had not thought of. After a little researching we got the supplies and Jonathan started climbing:).
The finished line now allows for even farm semis to drive beneath it! Thanks, Love!! I love it!

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