23 June 2009

Happy Days

Today is our onehundrethandeleventh anniversary!

Thanks for all the wonderful years babe!
You are even far more wonderful than back when we were just barely more than kids!!!



  1. Happy anniversary! I always forget that yours in on my birthday.

    I'm lost, though, on what "onehundredandeleventh" means exactly. Cus, well, we know you haven't been married that long, even though it might seem like it :)

    In other news, Heather and I have been together... 80 days!

  2. Hey Joel - we remembered you this morning, too! Happy Birthday!:)

    I just found my sweet husband's post and I can explain...it's really been 8 years around here, but as goes the Shire...in true Bilbo Baggins style...we just enjoy saying onehundrethandeleventh!:)

    Happy 80 days to you!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Shupes! Time flies, doesn't it? I remember back when you (I mean, we) were "barely more than kids"...we had some good times, didn't we?


  4. What a happy day that was eight years ago! And now it is even more fun with sweet Abraham Elijah! What a joy it was to see him wheel in here beside
    Selah! They are darling cousins! God's blessings to the three of you! Love and continued prayers, MOM :)

  5. Anonymous10:52 am

    Happy Anniversary from the Zwemmers!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! We still get sad about not being able to make it to your wedding.

    You did get quite the girl Jonathan. Amish clothes lines and cloth diapers! Your super Angela!

    Hope you had a great Day!

    Jeff and Candy

  7. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Happy Anniversary, you love-birds. Must be the season; ours was on the 21st!

    Enjoy each moment,


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