13 June 2009

How my awesome wife saves us tons of money!

Check it out. This just makes me smile.


  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    Oh, do I ever LOVE these pictures! Also, I love the cloth diapers and the one who hung them out to dry! And my son who appreciates her and the baby who wears them! What a family! What an art! Great memories of when I hung out all my diapers for so many years. Wish I had had a line like yours! Love it!

  2. Cloth diapers are THE BEST!! UTTTZZZ!!!

  3. Awesome. Maybe we should try that at our house or in our backyard...oh wait, there's a freeway in our backyard. I guess we could just string it across the freeway?

  4. Dave and Laura,
    Anything goes in CA, right?:) Across the freeway sounds sweet! He he he...
    Okay, you may not be able to do the clothesline, but you do get to catch some pretty sweet parades, free ice cream days, flower markets and cool stuff us countrymice don't get too much:).


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