22 February 2008

Spring is pretty much here

Ok, so I realize that it is only 13 degrees outside right now, but I am pretty much sure that spring is just around the corner. Some of you that don't understand Michigan might not have a deep appreciation for this, but the sky has been clear for the last 3 nights in a row. That is a pretty sure sign that spring IS HERE!!!! YAHOOO!!!! If some of you are a little confused about my excitement that there have been 3 nights with clear skies here is my explanation; Michigan is the second cloudiest state in the whole USA. So pretty much from December through February you don't see very many stars and you don't see a whole lot of clear sunny days. Especially not very many in a row. So there you have it. My "scientific" explanation for feeling like spring is right around the corner!!!! As much as I like winter, HURRAY FOR MARCH!!!


  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    hey thats pretty sweet that the first signs are starting to show up. Thats one thing i dont miss a ton about huron county they do have more sun shine out here in iowa, before you know it the snow will begin saying au reviour quite quickly.
    who but lu

  2. Yeah, I understand. Michigan winters are about as cloudy as they come. I noticed that around February people started getting really crabby in Holland, Michigan.


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