25 February 2008

Random Thoughts on Mothering

Tonight I overcooked some bacon. My immediate thought was,
"Mommy overdid it." The odd thing was Abraham was sleeping in the other room! Did I previously refer to myself in third person? Does anyone else out there have thoughts like this?

We have recently discovered that dairy products, legumes, and certain veggies consumed by Mom are really hard on Abraham. My lack of creativity in cooking and difficulty getting to the grocery store have made rice my new best friend...

Abraham is getting pretty good at grabbing objects (and then usually putting them in his mouth:)). I love watching his eyes light up at certain things like Nalgene bottles with swirling water and colorful books.

Sometimes after getting involved in conversation with Jonathan I'll suddenly realize, "Wow, there's a baby in my arms." It is a surreal feeling that God chose us to be his parents.

Geography, climate and car seats hugely impact childrearing, not to mention our heating bill. ¥ikes!:) I am really looking forward to spring and taking Abraham and Cabin for walks. Our poor dog just doesn't understand our recent lack of quality time. Being out in the country with the wind makes even sunny days chilly.

Speaking of dogs, I called Cabin, Abraham earlier today. After bringing Abraham home initially, Jonathan and I both often stuttered to correct ourselves after calling our son Cabin.

Who would have thought cloth diapering could bring parents such joy? Seriously!

A small little hand on mine, quick sneaked grins, and very kissable cheeks are a few of my new favorite things.

A lot can be typed with one hand (this is proof)!

I have never remembered nor had such vivid dreams before in my life. Short sleep cycles:)...

We finally have stopped telling Abraham it might have gone better for him to be raised by a pack of wolves:). We have learned so much, may God continue to carry us and grow us...

The walls haven't been "sprayed" in awhile...phew!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! (x15)

  2. Hey Angela,
    I was just laughing at myself the other day for calling myself "mama" in my head while I did something. I could identify with so much of what you wrote!


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