27 November 2014

Mercy's Birthday

Mercy recently had a birthday! Here are some favorite pictures of our sweet, bubbly, fun, cheeky, giggly, grunty, spunky little girl we love so much. 

 Her baby she got for her birthday and the blanket Oma Oma gave to her. She looooves having you put the blanket on baby, over and over and over...

 Loving the water at Splash Palace with Daddy.

 Giving baby a kiss after Enoch made them a lovely house in the basket...
 More is added to their accommodations...

Okay, Mom, this boy is burying us in love and pillows!!

 Loves the big boys!!

 A birthday pic
Trying for one with my favorite headband from Anna before she lunged off the chair...

 Bows - Enoch would have her wear this many everyday.
 Cake. The boys and I rolled out flowers off of Pinterest. :)

 Where's Mercy?! :)

 Birthday party friends, Jared and Natalie.

 Ha :)
 More of her favorite game.

 This is Mercy. Love her so much!!!

 First steps
 Any resemblance?
 They adore this wee girl

 Getting ready for Abraham's party (the balloons just keep coming, baby).

 I had to buy this thrift store gem.
Our sweet Kiwi friends we love so much!!

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