05 March 2012

The Veltmans

We were blessed to stay with the Veltman family one night of our trip. They are a dairying family in the Waiketo region of the North Island. What a beautiful family of believers! They so welcomed us to their farm and family. Thank you, Veltmans! I'm bummed I didn't get a pic of their whole family. Steve is shown below. His herd was number 6 for the nation in somatic cell count. And that's saying a lot, as there are over 11,000 dairies in NZ!

The ladies have quite the view ;).

The milking shed.
Anybody know what kind of tractor this is??
Abraham's first time on a trampoline - looooved it!
Simple beauty  in the guest room. They so kindly offered it to us unexpectedly!
Awesome library of Christian books - J was drooling over the theology on that shelf. Enoch was helping Mum rearrange.

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  1. This is saaaweet!! Keep the pics and updates comin!!


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