08 March 2012

The Shire and Hobbits

 That's right baby, Hobbit on!!
 We really enjoyed touring Hobbiton, the set for the Tolkien movies. Abraham was so sweet and thoroughly confused for the first half hour. He kept asking where all the hobbits were and if they had died. He's not old enough to see the movies, but has heard part of The Hobbit when Jonathan read it aloud to him.
 Moss? Actually no. Cement and paper mixed and thrown on for effect - Enoch was convinced!

 Our favorite lil' hobbits. Uncle Ben, we caught 'em and we're taking them home with us. :)

 Abraham so wanted to go in and touch all the sets. What a wonderful place for children - if only they could really explore. Most of the doors you couldn't open.
 The Green Dragon in the distance.  It is actually not symmetrical. The ceiling slants down toward the right, so they could film all their special tricks of the eye with hobbits/tall people.

 Our new home, the real Shupe Shire :). If only Bilbo had sold it to us.

 Yea, Mum, I get to go in this one!!
 Site for the one-hundred-and-eleventh birthday party of Bilbo. The crew picked this location based on this tree. The sheep farmers who owned it had considered cutting it down a few years previously. Boy, were they glad they didn't!!


  1. Lucky!!!!!! I want to go to the Green Dragon too!! That's so cool you guys got to see that. Oh and thanks for the mail!! Godspeed!

  2. Beautiful photos (and children)! I was looking through a Google images search for a Timeline cover photo and borrowed the one with the Green Dragon in the distance. I linked back to the source, but wanted to also ask permission before my Timeline goes live. Can I use your photo?

  3. Also, your trip looks like it was loads of fun. I can't wait until I have the money and time to take the tour. :)

  4. Sure! Glad you stopped by!:)


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