01 March 2010


We are thankful for...

137.  The intricacy of bark on an Oak tree.

138.  An intimate God who provides, even for the tree chatterers

139.  People who are desperate that the unreached people of the world would know that Jesus Christ has died that they would know life and know hope, and worship Him.

140.  friends who are as close as family

141.  friends who speak true, both to encourage and to correct.

142.  hundreds of safe miles traveled

143.  seeing hundreds of trains

144.  playing with the mouse and the big cats at Uncle Ben's and Auntie Mel's

145.  sweet times of prayer

146.  people who know and acknowledge that it is by God's power that the nations come to know Him, and that we are partners with Him

147.  amazing breakfasts!

148.  joining Prince Cor on the road

149. friends' challenges to prayerfully examine motives

150. trains in the the city

151. tunnels

152.  Uncle Blake and Auntie Melody - dear friends who share their hearts, listen to understand ours, and seek to encourage ours in Christ

holy experience

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  1. I thank you for sharing the gifts you have with all.It's makes me so happy to know we as Christian will give the gift of Gods word to others .Thank you in our push to give the word to others.


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