23 February 2010

Mama blessings

Hearing little one carefully say each word...


What's that, what's that, what's that? (I cannot believe he's saying that. Just doesn't seem old enough!)

Daddy not home, Daddy farm. Daddy milking.

Cuse me. Cuse me. (Excuse me)


Mmm. Good. Mmm, Mama. Really good. Abraham likes schmoothie really a lot.

I'm sorry, Mama, not green spoon, white spoon.

Mama, Mama, Mama. Help! (Upon getting stranded on the bookshelf)

Ooh, pretty. Abraham like Mama's sweater. Who made dat? (Upon looking at the tag...Um, someone in China!)

China! Somewn China made dat! :)

Skidloader. Two! One onge, one wed! (Upon asking what'd you dream about?)

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