14 March 2009

Calling all geeks!!!!!

Help, help, beloved techie computer genius geek ( I say that truly with love!) friends out there! Can anyone offer us advice on a simple (and the simpler the better for this non-techie girl) way to combine 30+ avi files into a few movies? We have imovie and idvd on our mac. I'd like to combine our short videos from Africa on a dvd if possible, and if they blended one after another that would be sweet! Help...please???????


  1. Is iMovie now allowing you to just drag each clip into a new movie? I assume it takes avi files, but maybe I'm wrong. If it can, then you'd make a sequence out of all those clips by dragging them down onto the timeline, throwing some transitions in between each one to make the single movie. Then share it with iDVD, pick a theme and it should automatically make chapters for each clip.

    If iMovie can't import avi files, then you're going to have to convert them (I'd suggest to quicktime or DV). I've used Squared5 before and it seems to work well.

  2. Thank you, Joel! It's been working!


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