28 January 2009

War in the Heavenlies

Well, for an update, they were able to communicate through email finally. Even though the satellite for sending out email isn't working yet, they were able to send an email out when they picked their luggage up from a missionaries place a couple hours away from where they are staying. More things to follow later. Here is update that Jonathan wrote:

Spiritual darkness is a very real thing. It is very evident here. It would appear to me that as C.S. Lewis writes in Screwtape letters the Devil uses different devices to deceive people depending on where they are at and who they are, and what they are doing. In the states it appears one way, and most of us I fear don't see it most of the time. Here in Guinea it appears in a different way. It is very reminiscent of what you read in the New and Old Testaments.
It has been very interesting being here and talking with the missionaries. We in the States have no idea as to the Islamic or African mind. We have totally different minds totally different cultures. I now understand some of the frustrations that our friend Bic delt with while in southern Africa. It has been very different not being able to trust anyone, and in reality distrusting most everyone.
We have been doing a lot of seeking God in prayer. He has been faithful, we are well. We are passionate for His name to be proclaimed to the nations and that He would bring in those whom are His sheep, and know his name. All for His great glory!
Some things to think and pray through. Spiritual confrontation. 1 Kings 18. What does that mean for us here and now? Isaiah 8:11-9:7. What a promise what a God!! What a prophecy!

The LORD reigns! Let the earth rejoice!!!

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