21 October 2008

Bean Harvest

Last Thursday we stopped by one of the fields to visit Jonathan and caught some neat harvesting going on! This picture is of Jonathan combining in the tractor pulling a Lilliston (left) bean harvester, Christopher in the tractor (center) rodding (spins a 1 inch square rod underground that pulls the plants then puts them in a windrow) beans prior to them being combined, and David in the John Deere (right) combine harvesting beans. Those combines were right on Christopher's tail! On Saturday the guys were so blessed to finish up the bean harvest. This year they grew navy and small red beans. They had been going full steam at it for the last couple weeks, so it's nice to see them a little less busy.:)

Paul was in the field for a bit (white Dodge) circulating (for lack of a better word I rely on my nursing terms:)), Abraham loved watching the action and seeing Daddy, the Lilliston dumping beans into the semi.

Nicole and Mariam stopped by with some lunch for David and Christopher (don't you love Mariam's hat - too cute:))...

Here's a short video of the harvest...


  1. Anonymous7:00 pm

    nice pictures you have there!! nice to see that sweet video of the action in progress. nice work and thanks for a visual update of the progress.
    who but lu

  2. Anonymous7:04 pm

    ive got one question though, isnt that the wrong direction to be harvesting that field? or am i just confused?
    who but lu

  3. Lu
    you must be having mental constipation or something:) that would be working it north/south.

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Loved your video of harvesting! Great job of sharing it with us! Thanks! Hi Abraham! Glad you didn't fall out! Grandma wasn't there to catch you!


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