15 September 2008

Not a wasted life

"Robert Morrison was the first Protestant missionary to enter China, a noteworthy distinction, considering the formidable obstacles confronting foreigners in that hostile land during the first half of the nineteenth century. His prayer had been that "God would station him in that part of the field where the difficulties are the greatest, and to all human appearance the most insurmountable." His prayer was answered. He persevered for twenty-five years in China, seeing fewer than a dozen converts." (- From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya) Morrison (as did Joshua Marshman) translated the Bible into Chinese. He spent the majority of his mission life without Christian fellowship except for the converts. Now 201 years later the number of Christians there are in China is somewhere between 40 and 130 million. There is no official number because the church there in most cases is being severely persecuted. THANK GOD for his awesome work through Robert Morrison!!

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