04 September 2008

Abraham7-9 month faves

Abraham has changed so much in the last few months. A few recent neat things he's been up to are waving hello and good-bye, clapping when we say good job, picking and eating fruit from the yard, plucking grass, opening the mailbox, flashing a teethy grin here and there, splashing in the tub, watching anything with an engine, and enjoying the animals on the farm. His eyes are still blue, hair is getting longer, cheeks are filling out, 5 teeth are broken through, and he gets around pretty well doing the army crawl/roll/hopping crawl! We love him so much and it really is amazing to watch him develop into a little boy!


  1. Anonymous10:29 am

    What a nice collection:) Thanks for sharing. He is such a joy and so expressive.
    Love Grammy

  2. Wow, that little guy is pretty stinkin' cute, especially for being a descendant of the man with expressions like "the face". We're looking forward to seeing some jumping, diving, rolling and army crawling from the Babe in a few weeks.(and no, I'm not referring to you, Jonathan)

  3. my favorite is the one of jonathan and abraham looking "gangsta." you guys are pretty cute.

  4. Anonymous10:12 am

    Enjoyed the pictures. He is Abe the Babe with those beautiful blue eyes. We are excited about his new cousin. Hope it happens this week!



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