21 August 2008

Reply to Alan's comment and lots more

It sounds like the perfect plan to stifle economic success/grown/sustainability/anything other than economic exodus. The whole idea of lets tax the "rich" is a most demented idea. And give a tax rebate (entitlement/welfare handout) to those whom are not making money. It is soooo ridiculous! In the last several months I have known MANY people who would not take a job, or weren't looking for jobs even though they were laid off or fired because they had unemployment for like the next 39 years!
"Hey want a job, we are looking for someone that would be a good employee and we think you would fit the bill."
"Well, you know I wouldn't mind a job but really I don't think I will take it now, maybe in a few months when my unemployment runs out, right now I need to make the best use of my time and watch some tv or something while I bleed out the profits of everyone who does work. Call me in a few months."

I have an idea, why don't they stop taxing us so much (I don't consider myself rich, however, with a global perspective I suppose I am fairly wealthy just in that I can't remember the last meal I even thought about not being able to afford to eat) so we can afford to hire the guy who is unemployed, and have money left over to better fund things that CRWRC, or the Foods Recource Bank, or Compassion Evangelical Hospital, or other organizations that meet physical needs are working on, or just plain fund the Great Commission. Then we wouldn't be spending so much money beating terrorists into submission, and would be spending more money funding the advancement of the Gospel into the deep darkness where those terrorists are born and bred and loving people in the name of Jesus by telling them about who He really is. The death toll might rise, but maybe it wouldn't, and if it did, it would be a great non-risk for a GREAT God.
Sure a whole bunch of people that work for the government would have to get real jobs that add to society instead of drain on it, but I suppose that wouldn't be all bad. Then there would be more money for people to fund things like the Bread Basket project in our community that provides food locally for people in economic distress. And then we know who they are and can interact with them instead of some cold gov't program with no connection, no accountability, no anything other than some gov't handout.
We have a poster in our house that reads "JESUS SAVES from the American Dream". It isn't through taxation, but through Christ being a FAR GREATER treasure than money, success, love of the world, a big fancy house, new vehicles, status, 12 tvs (personally I think of saying 2 tvs but that would include a lot of people), good family, safety, access to all of the best amenities, a good neighborhood, financial security,........ none of those things are necessarily evil in themselves but do we treasure them more than Jesus...really? What in our lives would reflect that?
So, anyway, the one thing I do like for sure about McCain is his consistent (over the last many many years) work against pork barrel spending, like "The bridge to Nowhere" or lots of farm subsidy programs that allow lots of farmers like us to be careless and irresponsible with our resources, I could go on for a long time.
I can see how God could free us to give in our poverty like the 1st century Macedonian churches if Obama gets in as president. But the immoral chaos that could accompany it would not be good. However, I don't want to vote for McCain just because Obama is basically Doctor Death, I mean (and I don't really think he means it, it was a miscalculated statement I am sure) from his comment at Saddleback he wouldn't ever know when to entitle a child to human rights. Maybe they could get them when they are Adults?!? I mean really just quit feeding us a line of ______ and tell us what you really think and plan to do other than be the next president regardless of what you need to say to get there. With that said I reiterate I am sick of voting for what I perceive to be the somewhat lesser of two evils. At this point I can see why some Mennonites don't participate in government. It is just plain messy!
I could go on for pages in many different directions from this.
Ok, sorry for the rant, sort of, well not really. Ok, maybe...?

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