24 March 2008

What farmers do when they milk until 23:00

Well, this wasn't supposed to be the next post but I am feeling a little distracted from being sequential so this is what farmers do when they milk cows and don't get done until 23:00. At first they think maybe they aught to go to bed right away, but that thought quickly fades in the light of posting. Well first they realize they aren't ever going to get home and that everyone else is long gone so they listen to some Piper on their iPod, then when they are done with that they see that they still aren't going to be done for an hour or so, so they find some Saweet Awesome Sovereign Grace Music to listen to. I recommendWorship God Live , my personal favorite.
Anyway when this farmer gets home he realizes not only is he still listening to the end of Worship God Live on his iPod, but behold! perhaps his son was a little fussy because his favorite (works WAY better than anything else) music (Worship God Live) is also playing on the computer even though his wife and child are long asleep.
Well, then he gets thinking about something his wife was harassing him about at lunch (see post on hats). So he takes some pictures to ask the opinion of the wonderful people that read his family's blog.

Hmmm I wonder what is for supper?......Most interesting rice with mushrooms, something yellow in it and carrots.... doesn't taste bad...but I am beginning to feel a bit like someone from Thailand where they raise something like 7,000 different kinds of rice (at this time of night that number could be way off, but it is the number that sticks in my head from the young guy from there that I heard speak this past summer at the Foods Resource Bank national meeting). Ok, now for my survey question....


  1. J.

    Sounds like you needed some sleep.


  2. The sick part is that the whole week ended up about the same. The day we moved the bulk tank I didn't get home from milking until 12:30:(. But Christ is supplying strength!! And I thank Him for that!


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