24 March 2008

The question

So, as I was saying Angela was harassing me (in much fun) that my hat is about as nasty as the smell of my hands (yes they got super nasty smelly again today like they did a couple of posts back, and thanks much for the advice, I have been trying it. Personally, I think a combination of washing my hands with about 14 different things and then going to sleep is what works the best:). But I digress, anyway Angela was saying that my hat is nasty and that I should wear a different hat. Me, I think the hat is comfy and dirty just like any other hat would be after a couple of days of hanging out we me and my peeps. So what would you do?


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Hmmm such an intreaging question, that hat does look pretty dirty i would have to say, yet i myself have also worn some pretty rough looking ones. how long have you been wearing it? I would go for a replacement of very similar design, or scub the bill some.
    who but lu
    veriety is the spice of life eh.

  2. J.

    I truly understand the feeling of having a great hat, and the bond that forms b/w said hat and man. I too, have enjoyed stained and frayed hats. Eventually, I leave em somewhere where they get wet and mouldy (I live in NC!) adn I have to chuck them. I recently found a new hat - from Gander Mountain - I'm wearing it right now - I think we'll be together a long time!

    However, I need more info. Is this your "going to town, like, on a date with A" hat, your "going to town to do farm business" hat, your "farm work" hat, your "milking" hat, or just your "your hat" hat?

    I humbly suggest that if pictured hat is causing any emnity between a man and his woman, I'd have to consider ending the relationship - with the hat. (or as your bro lu suggests, at least scrubbing the bill some... )



  3. More thoughts on the hat... Yeh, I like the hat. I have a hard time finding hats that fit right, and this one isn't too bad. For many years I wore the same sweet awesome Australian hat that I still have, but somehow it ended up in the bottom of a "water pit" we use as a catch basin for a hydrant in our shop, the water just sits there and slowly drains away and is pretty nasty, so I am loath to wear it again, although I am tempted at times. But anyway this hat is not bad. I also don't like advertising for companies for free by wearing their logo on my hat. This is a United Producers hat I am willing to wear because we do tons of business through them with buying of heifers and selling fats, but mostly buying heifers. The more people sell through them at their dairy sales the more heifers there are available to buy and the better it is, so I am willing to wear the hat.
    As for what hat it is, it is my going to bed hat. :) hehe not really. It would be my everything not related to going to church or being at home hat. So, pretty much it gets worn all the time and has lots of chop dust and crap and everything on it. I was wearing a different hat before this one that was for our soil testing guy who is a good friend, but that hat got even too nasty for me to wear, I think it fell right in a bunch of soup (liquid manure) and I didn't wash it.

    As for enmity between man and woman, none from the hat. I will consider the scrapping of the bill, but at this time have refrained from even taking that step.:) But I will continue to consider the suggesting. HA:)


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