02 December 2006

Dealing w/ alot of BULL

It seems like lately I have been dealing with a lot of bull. Right now we are working on selling our beef cows and that has a lot to do with bull as seen here, last night one of our Jersey bulls got out and visited the neighbors, his name is Ringer (he has a ring in his nose). They called up after I was done working and I had to go walk him 1.5 miles back to the pasture in the dark and a very brisk wind, thankfully he has utter (and I don't mean cow utter) respect for me cause it was open road, me, and Ringer, and he is pretty big for a jersey. Then there is other types of bull too that we have been dealing with that I won't expound on here:). Sometimes it seems to come in really big spreader loads all a once.

1 comment:

  1. Wow the black one has MUSCLES!!!

    Melissa, The Out-law


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