18 December 2006

26 degrees

So Angela and I have this fun little game that we play. We love to see who can get the mail first in a day. Normally this is a no brainer as she is usually either home when the mail comes, or gets home from work before I do. But then there are the wonderful days like today. Well, actually tonight. I was home checking out friend's blogs while pretending:) to listen to Angela on the phone as she was coming home from her parents. Then she made some passing comment asking what had come in the mail.
I hadn't gotten the mail and told her so. She started laughing "haha I get to get the mail..." So I thought oh well she can get the mail. But them my overly competitive male ego kicked in and I thought to myself, "It can't be that cold outside, I was just out there an hour ago." So I went outside in a t-shirt and fleece pants. If you are at all familiar with the original STAR WARS let me just say the planet HOTH minus the snow. Did I mention I had slippers on too. Well, they were not made to run in, so I scuffled my way out to the mailbox and back. What a beautiful clear starry night out... mmmm I love nights like this even if they are 26 degrees. Yeh, so I didn't stop to gaze at the stars for too long and my toes are still cold, but it was well worth being the one to get the mail:)!!!!! YES!!! I AM THE VICTOR!!! Yeh, so maybe we are weird, but we love it:)


  1. Hey -- I don't have a comment about this blog, but how in the heck do I email you? What's your address?? :)

  2. Hey Kimberly Leichty,
    Well you can email us at our email address of course!! Doesn't that make perfect sense.:)
    oh maybe you would like it, email us at jongela@excite.com. How is Virginia? Lovely this time of year? Or maybe lovely because all the kids are gone this time of year:).

  3. You are not alone. Ben and I do this all the time. :)

    Melissa, The Out-law


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