18 October 2006


Have you ever had your arm stepped on by a cow? It almost happened to me tonight. I was milking our jerseys and was having a touch of difficulty getting one of the milkers on and reached for the milker when that wonderful back left foot came up and caressed my arm. Yes from one side to the other! Yes, I was about 3.5 millimeters from the cement when it happened. After that, mmmmm my arm smelled so good with some nice slimy manure all over my fore arm. How I wish you could all share in the joy of that moment. ahhhhh I love the smell of some nasty manure smeared all over my body. I think I am going to bottle it and market it as a French Perfume:).


  1. So a shupe stinks. What else is new? Hey Jonny boy, did you cut that hair of yours yet? I thought you were supposed to do that a long time ago. Oh by the way, I can't figure out the video thing yet either. If I do I'll let you know.


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