22 October 2006

Silmarillion and Jesus

You know you have had a great day when you wife says "Today was like a whole day date!" There is nothing like a wonderful rainy cold day! I know I am probably in rather limited company with that comment but hey, I love days like today especially on a Sunday that I can just stay home! But they are still great if I am out braving the elements!
In college (Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA) I used to long for days like this; cloudy, rainy, cold. They make the whole world seem right. Great days to explore Creation, read a book, curl up on a couch, let your mind wonder to the days of Tolkien and wonder what it would be like to be part of such a tale.
In some ways I guess we are apart of a story the magnitude of the Silmarillion. Forces of evil allied trying to crush the rebellious chosen ones. Us trying to fight on our own, wielding our own power by the force of our own wills, losing, time and again losing. Only in the end when the ALMIGHTY steps in and by his grace crushes the evil one are His people delivered.
Reminds me of how our only hope is in Jesus. And the only real total victory we will have is in Him and by Him through us, and in spite of us.
What a humbling thought, the Almighty God, creator of all that is, loves us, fights the battles FOR His people. Why do we try to lift ourselves up, try to stand in our own petty little power. Why do we believe the lies of our society and other religions. Utter foolishness!; Self!
GOD!, have mercy!

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