08 October 2006


Lately I've been realizing how blessed I am to have Jonathan. I told him the other day that he is wierd. I meant it! Many people I know have husbands who come home and like to watch sports on tv... My husband? He likes to come home at night after milking Jerseys at the farm and listen to podcasts on theology. I love it - although sometimes I have to tell him to turn off John Piper and talk to me for a little while. He's also a book addict. Right now we're reading a 5-book series by Lynn Austin on the lives of kings from the Old Testament. Between the two of us he is a detail reader and I'm a speed reader, but he is the one racing through the books! I love my hubby and he sure loves a good story!! The books are excellent, by the way. Chronicles of the Kings I think is what the series is called.

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