21 July 2006

calling all starships

well it would seem that our R2 unit has finally established our connection from here on the outer rim! Request confirmation from nearest star ship, confirmation from the nearest star ship..... can you hear us???????


  1. www.youtube.com/t/help_makevideo

    My process is...
    1) Take video on digital video camera
    2) Plug video camera into computer (using DV cable)
    3) Because I'm using a Mac, I open a program called iMovie
    4) I import the video into the program
    5) I try to do as little editing as possible (since this is where you can spend way too much time in front of the computer)
    6) I export the video to a format called mp4 (but YouTube also accepts other formats too if this isn't an option for you)
    7) I log on to my account with YouTube (which is completely free of charge) and go to the upload section. I fill in some info about the video and click "Upload" at which point I'm asked to find the movie file (in my case a mp4) on my computer and open it.
    8) YouTube uploads the movie file to its server online. Then I have to wait maybe 10 minutes or so for the website to process the video before it appears "online" in my list of videos.
    9) To post the video on my blog, it's very simple. From YouTube, I click on...
    - My Videos from the tabs at the top of the page
    - I click on the video I want to post on my blog
    - From the right-hand sidebar, I copy and paste the code labeled "Embed" directly into the new post on my blog.
    - when I preview my new blog post, the new video appears there. That's it!

  2. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Yicks! this is a pretty sweet picture i'd have say. hope they dont have to do that to jonathan's pickup anytime soon even though that would look pretty sweet, you would probibly have to put dakota and tramp on the front (pictures of them near the top)yeah bubba will probily have to get hooked up to.
    the aps express


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