03 September 2016

Why I'm Quitting Facebook

Last Sunday a guest pastor at church mentioned how desperate faith will take desperate action. The idea of quitting Facebook has been rolling around my mind for awhile, but that night it seemed confirmed in my heart. I'm sensing for me (Angela) and my family it is not a good fit right now. Here a few reasons as I process this myself:

  1. It's too consuming, and I find myself wasting time on it. Time is a gift, I don't want to waste it.
  2. It's addictive. I don't need unhealthy addictions, my brain's foggy enough! :)
  3. I'm highly disturbed by the recent discovery that FB suggests porn as links that people might like. That makes me mad. 
  4. I miss reading books. I find the digital pull strong enough without another site pulling my noggin away from cracking open a book.
What will I miss? I've thought about this one a bit...
  1. Pictures of family and friends and their babes, their adventures, and their quick notes of hello...
  2. Homeschool support groups

How can I remedy this?
  1. I can't really. Please send me pictures of your new babies!!!! Sign up for Whatsapp, pretty please? :)
  2. I can talk to other homeschoolers in real life for support. All right, all right. Sounds reasonable. 
Am I excited?
  1. Yes, it's time for some good discipline. 
  2. Yes, hoping to pump out some reading lists and enjoy many stories!
  3. Yes, hoping for a less foggy brain.
  4. Yes, because I actually miss blogging and typing out my thoughts. 
  5. Yes, because I hope to look less at screens, have my children see less of me looking at screens, and I hope to be more intentional in being with them fully. 


  1. Anonymous5:33 am

    HI Angela,
    I do a halfway thing. I only have family as friends on facebook. This keeps it manageable and the rubbish to a minimum. I also feel less need to impress anyone...it's just to keep family up to date. Hope that your decision is a blessing to you all.
    Ruth vdB

  2. Thanks so much, Ruth! It's crazy to me how clear God made it. Confirmed again in the next sermon I heard. Geoff literally preached, " if you're addicted to Facebook, delete it!" Not an all out addiction, but too much for me. I'm excited to blog a bit about daily life, homeschooling, and our joys and struggles. Hope you guys are well!!!


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