13 October 2012

Pre-Wedding Hoopla!

Last weekend we were blessed to be in British Columbia for the wedding of Jonathan's brother Aaron to AmyLou!!! We had so much fun. Aaron hooked our whole family and a few friends (14 in all!) up with a great family to stay with. Trish and Claas took wonderful care of us! Here are a few pictures from the morning preparation time last Saturday at home and at AmyLou's home church.

Paul and David chatting with Trish.
Aaron gettin' every hair in place ;).
Grandpa Shupe all handsome and ready to go (the first ready to go by far!).
Christopher straightening that tie.
Grandma all giggles.
Glenn and Avy, Daddy and Daughter
Three cute boys that gave me a lift to Canada.
Spending time in the Word before the wedding - love that guy!!
Avy, Bear and her Opa taking a stroll before their big entrance!
What a bunch of trouble! Jonathan, Paul, friend Jason, David, Andrew, Aaron
Auntie Fay and Dad and Mom getting little Avy and Brooke ready to roll.
Last minute scheming:)...more pictures to come!

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