14 March 2011

Little Enoch

I've been wanting to do this for a crazy long time, and I finally just sat down to remember a bit. This week I'd like to give thanks for sweet little Enoch coming into our lives. Thank you, God for:
479. No colic!
480. ruddy, soft furry baby shoulders
481. kissable cheeks

482. wool sleepers

483. soft newborn hair

484. Grandma's quilts
485. fleece snuggly outfits

486. wet baby curls

487. knitted gifts in the mail
488. sweet, peaceful baby sleep

489. little baby faces, beginnings of smiles

490. loving older brother, passionate one

491. calm...ahhh

492. happy smiles
493. stronger eyes finding people farther away

494. love those cheeks

495. God answering prayers with a double chin!;)

496. that a baby knows his Mama

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497. our boys in stripes
498. contagious happy baby grins
499. relief from congestion
500. curly eyelashes
501. coos and baby talk
502. waking up happy
503. baby colds, rashes, innumerable wet diapers, housework not done - for you are in these things, too, Lord!
504. joy

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  1. Anonymous11:06 pm

    I love the wink and the tounge out...:)

  2. Hi Jongela!

    I haven't been visiting blogs for awhile, but I did tonight, and BAM! I found out about Enoch! Awesome! Congratulations! That is amazing. We are so happy for you.

    Alan & Charlene (Catherine, Laurel, Seth, and Lily)


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