19 January 2011

The Boys

How fun it is to say the boys...:). What a blessing to watch these two little ones grow.

Quick post so friends and family know we're still kickin' around here!


  1. You have some great pictures there. Wow Enoch as sure grown a bunch since I was around! He doesn't look like a wee little baby any more. Thanks again for sharing the pictures with us.

  2. Enoch looks so big already! So happy he's healthy and Abraham is adorable. Cora still talks about him as "My friend Abraham" and we just had to replace the box of crayons that you gave us on our way out of your place. She calls them "the crayons that Abraham gave me". Your kind little boy has made an impression on her!

  3. Wow! I just read about two months worth of blogs from you. I had heard you had your second but didn't know all the details. How great is our God! I'm so thrilled how He has protected your family and provided your needs. We are happy to read that Enoch is doing well (cute, chubby thing!) and love seeing all the pictures! You really should be speaking at some conference or MOMS group, Angela! Want to come to Minnesota?? :)

    Thinking of you all!!


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