06 December 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Lamb!

Abraham (our favorite little lamb, Aber, Aber-noodle, Ham Sandwich, etc.:)) turned 3 a few weeks ago! We were blessed to celebrate the day with family who love him and had a fun little farmer party.

Daddy and Uncle Aaron gave Abraham some tiling equipment...

And our little lad now has a milk truck to haul "fresh milk" in...

The local farmer clan who stopped by, all in clean farm clothes no less!:)

Mama's insane attempt at a combine cake. Dear Abraham wasn't sure what it was, but was excited that it was a combine after I told him. Perhaps it was the pink color that threw him off? Seriously, I could use a good cake decorating class if anyone's offering, before my family goes into sugar overload from all my frosting patches...:)

Uncle Aaron happily staying warm in his farmer gear:). This guy no longer has Michigan blood - poor guy's always cold!!

Uncle Christoph and Lil Farmer Elianah

The Uncle Paul pile

Phew it's hard to take a picture of 6 little wigglin' farmers...at least Luella smiled for me!!:)
Lil Farmers Mariam, Selah, Abraham / Julia, Luella, Elianah

Uncle David and Julia having some fun

Selah and Mariam in their lil' farmer bibs

Beautiful new barn from Grandpa and Grammy Lang. Thanks for a special day, everyone!

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  1. Hey, looks like a pretty fun farming party there at your place. Too bad I couldn't make it. Hey that definitely looks like a combine if you ask me, even though a little pink it looks good, you know red paint fades to a shade of pink after its been working in the sun for a long time:)


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