26 April 2010

Looking back

Looking back we thank God for

240. Moon revealing the coming dawn

242.  tandems fighting pest flies

243.  the joy of watching work

244.  involved generations

245. brothers and employees steadfast during long hours worked

246.  irrigation

247.  even more for RAIN!

248.  a sabbath of rest

249. safety near a falling cow

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holy experience


  1. A lovely list! I join you in thankfulness for a sabbath rest.
    blessings to you

  2. 244...I was just thinking of it this weekend after noticing a young Dad doing some work by himself...involved generations is such a beautiful thing but so many miss out. I just started reading Desiring God...wow! Rejoicing with you over God's goodness.

  3. it finally rained here after a week without, less than 24 hours after my hubby gave in and watered and watered and watered my little veggie patch.
    I did tell him not to put all that much on there, but he insisted, heehee.
    Glad rain was good news for you too.


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