15 February 2010

Remembering Again

A year later, we remember, and thank God for...
114,115,116... little boys in bowls, a stove to cook in, water carried by my husband in "bedones"

117. thorns in our men's skin...for hearts to share the Gospel

118. Valentine planning and cooking by young adults!

119. a fun uncle to miss

120. the power of God

121. good water

122. safe crossing of rivers

123. little boys in laundry tubs:)

124. sun hats

125. a wonderful shaded porch and home borrowed to us and for those who loaned it

126. beautiful people to watch, 

127. a mom who taught me to love watching people

128. being taught how to bumbo Abraham by American and Guinean women

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holy experience


  1. Wow! I have seen only one of these pictures (the power of God). Are they EVER NICE! Pictures of you returning at Metro flit through our screen saver often. These are so special! Why haven't we seen them before? Were they being saved for a time such as this? We thank God for your special memories and for the three of you! God's blessings and my love, MOM :)

  2. awesome list, awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have to agree, pretty sweet pictures, definitely those random ones of Abraham sitting around in the tubs.

  4. wow that pictures are amaizing!!

    and the "power of god" is breath taken =)


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