28 December 2009

bright colored numbers

holy experience

Thanks, Lord for...
21. bright colored magnetic numbers on a crisp, white dishwasher
22. Christmas letters and cards from friends
23. Hope
24. this quote I read today: The New Year only has hope because Christmas happened out in a dung heap. - A. Voskamp
25. an early start at payroll this am.
26. winter
27. old mechanical toys
28. protection on the farm
29. a supportive, encouraging husband
30. for enabling us to sponsor Jonathan


  1. Grandma Shupe5:39 am

    What a nice surprise for the morning! Great post! Welcome Jonathan Abraham! Quite a name! How could you not choose him?! Love you!

  2. Valeu Jonathan, que Jesus oriente seus passos e de sua família no caminho da fraternidade e compreensão. Feliz Ano Novo!
    Paulo e Devanira, Brazil-RS


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