04 July 2009

One more Independence Day

What a celebration! Enjoy one more great day of Independence.
It would appear that if things stay on their current trajectory, next year we may be forced, I mean get to celebrate Dependence day. The official celebration of the New Galactic Empire of America. Don't worry everything will be provided for you, and it will be good for you. All you have to do is believe the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, formerly referred to as Senator Palpatine, soon hopefully not Emperor Palpatine.

I think maybe I will stick with freedom, and Yoda...


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  1. Hi Jonathan & Angela,
    I've wandered over to your blog on a few occasions via other Dordt connections. I couldn't help put comment on this post - it made my day! You so adequately and humorously said all that I have been thinking and struggling with. I'm with you. Yay for freedom! (And I LOVE the clothesline.)
    ~Chloe Hilden


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