17 December 2008

Fun times!

Setting land records daily...

Walking is fun!

Abraham took his first steps 2 days after his birthday, and it has been so fun to watch him this last month! He's our little walking boy now! My favorite is when he throws his arms up in the air for balance. Jonathan's favorite would probably be the quick little dodge move that he did to try to escape Daddy's tickling last night!:)


  1. Anonymous11:56 am

    My favorite was when he walked toward the kitchen to find mama and then heard her in the bedroom and made a quick turn around without falling down. I love the way he grabs your pant leg to pull himself up and then takes off. So much fun to watch him balance himself.

    Love Grammy

  2. Hey Shupes! Nice walking by the A-man! Seth took HIS first steps a few days after HIS birthday too, but hasn't taken it any farther yet. I'm hoping soon though! (Although I can't believe our little baby is growing up!)


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