25 November 2008

Our little one year old

What's it like having a one year old? I don't know! I still can't believe we have one!:) The past year didn't really seem to go by fast until he turned that "number one." Now, I'm a bit in denial about having a yearling...

We were blessed to have many close family over for Abraham's birthday. Everybody was a good sport about wearing a party hat, and Uncle Paul and Aunt Arin definitely won the "Most Creative" category (see pictures on previous post). Cousin Mariam won the "Most Lovely" category (see below) with her little headpiece reminiscent of Maid Marian from Robin Hood. So sweet! And hmm, let's see, I think Abraham won the "Worn for the Shortest Period of Time" category:) (and "Mom's Favorite" of course...).

We didn't have much doubt about whether or not he would eat his birthday cake, and any doubt we had was poorly deserved. He did well...and then asked for more!:) Oh, Abraham!

We just love this little guy so much. He's getting braver all the time and is starting to take a couple steps here and there. Giving kisses on the cheek is one of his new sweet ways of communicating. Playing with his new tractors, flipping through books, pushing open doors, pointing out the cows outside, giggling at crackers and tickling, reaching on tip-toe for the piano keys, playing with the toilet paper and saying "hot" are some his daily favorites. What a joy!

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