04 August 2008

Daddy and Son

Here are a few pictures of my favorite man and little boy enjoying the wheat harvest together! Abraham has an awesome Daddy, who loves to teach him and help him explore!!


  1. Grandma5:32 pm

    Wow, Angela, are those pictures ever special of the two farm boys! Thanks for sharing them. The last one is a prize winner! God sure is good!

  2. Anonymous5:48 pm

    What great pictures. The last one is awesome. The farmer and his son in the wheat straw. Great photography-great subjects:):)
    Love Grammy

  3. Ah ... those pictures melt my heart. I always knew Jonathan would make a great dad!

  4. Yeah, you must be, like, the best dad EVER! Or something...

  5. Great photos guys. Although, Jonathan, it appears your straw-spreader/chopper is broken...ha ha. Do you bale that yourself?

  6. Alan,
    Yeh, the stupid thing doesn't work! We can't get it to spread the straw:).
    We harvest the straw ourselves. The one pic is of or JD 3x3 baler. We sell some of it, feed some, and use some for bedding.


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