11 June 2008

Cloth Diapers - Part 1

I have been dreaming of doing this post for a long time, so today I thought I'd whittle away at it.

When I became pregnant with Abraham, Jonathan and I decided that we would use cloth diapers. Why? I'm not exactly sure. Saving money was probably a big factor, it seemed more natural, produced less waste and seemed better for the environment. And for us, it just seemed to make sense.

Although my hubbie does have long hair, we're not exactly what you'd call hippies (driving a 2-ton dualie sort of rules us out of that category). I was actually pretty nervous about letting people know we were going to use cloth diapers. You see, the only two families we knew that currently used them live in Spain and New Brunswick! I had many people in our area tell me cloth diapers are great to use for burp cloths and washing cars, but seriously, for babies?

Visions of rubber pants, diaper pins, and scraping poo seemed to elicit snorts or looks of concern from some. I tried to explain, really, they've made it much easier! Others showed curiosity and listened patiently to my fumbled attempts at explaining current diapering options. I'd show them the neat websites I'd found and a video of a friend using a "prefold" to diaper his little girl. I studied the video carefully each time I'd show it.

Family were supportive but unfamiliar with the current options...AIOs, pocket dipes, prefolds, snappis, whisper wraps? Could the CIA even decipher this stuff? Sweet! My sister-in-law became pregnant and also planned to use cloth. We united our efforts and kept researching.

I began to feel overwhelmed. I was very excited (odd, yes) and determined to use cloth, but I began to drown in the sea of Internet information. I wanted to make wise choices, but had never even seen a cloth diaper used on a real person. Argh!

Feeling a bit embarassed, I sat down one night and decided to do what was best for our Little One. Humbly, I typed out every stinky, detailed, paranoid question that had been running through my head...and I called on the experts...


  1. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Good work, Angela! Am praising God for your efforts! You are a really great Mom! Doing what is best for baby and Mom and Dad! That is my way too! Love you so!

  2. a good friend of mine from dordt (heather ledeboer) also uses cloth diapers. in fact, she's done all the "dirty work" in researching. check out her fabulous website www.mom4life.com. feel free to call her - i'm sure she'd love to share her findings!

  3. Anonymous8:47 am

    I applaud your decision. We need to get away from the disposable mind set we have in the West. We are wasteful and it is not only costing us monetarily but in the stewardship of this beautiful Earth that God asked us to care for. I feel you are not only doing what is best for Abraham, but being a good steward of what God has entrusted you with. Brenda

  4. I've been curious about cloth diapers but I have to admit that when I started trying to learn more the sea of info on the internet totally overwhelmed me and I gave up. And, like you, having never seen cloth diapers used (well, recently - in middle school I babysat for a baby who wore cloth diapers and I was always afraid of poking him with the giant pins! I'm glad things have changed even since then) I gave up and went with the conventional method. I also was discouraged because a book I read said you really only save $100 a year when you include all the costs of laundaring and supplies needed for cloth diapers. But (2 years later) I'm wondering if that's very accurate because I was just reading about a kind of cloth diaper that fits all sizes from newborn to large toddler. So your baby won't grow out of them (I think it's called the KCK One?) So, I'm VERY interested to read more about your experience. You are braver than I! :)

  5. Anonymous10:18 pm

    I can't wait to read part 2 on cloth diapers! When Rick and I learned that we were pregnant, I expressed to him that I would like to research using cloth diapers for a lot of the same reasons you listed. He pulled up his nose, thinking there couldn't be anything worse! But if you are having a great experience maybe he can be persuaded :) If you have a really great resource, list it on the blog.
    Grateful for your insight,
    Brittany Roeda

  6. Sorry it has taken me a bit to get to part 2! Congratulations Rick and Brittany! I will try to post the helpful sites soon.

    Kristin - I just can't figure how that book would be accurate? Maybe if you bought the most expensive cloth diapers and a ton of them, or used a diaper service to wash them? Hmmmm...

    Brenda, Mom and Crystal - thanks for the comments and info!


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