21 May 2008

The Sleepy Shupe Shire

So, last night I was up with Abraham around 0200 when suddenly I heard Jonathan (sound asleep next to me) say, "You let them know, I am the bubble." Thanks God for chuckles in the middle of the night...:)

I love you, Mr. Bubble.


  1. Anonymous2:50 pm

    That made me really chuckle!
    I have loved that bubble since he was born 4-4-'79!

  2. yeah, that's nothing...I have been known to drag innocent stereos that were sitting on the shelf next to my bed into bed with me and proceed to beat it senselessly...all while sleeping.

  3. I thought I was the bubble... hmm.

  4. Your post provided me with a good morning laugh. Jeff talks in sleep as well. My favorite is when he mixes Computer Language with carpentry work.


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