19 April 2008

Parlor Cement Day - Part 3

God blessed the guys with a beautiful sunny day to pour cement in the new parlor yesterday...


  1. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Nice pictures/updates, they look pretty stinking super sweet. Thanks for the update in pictures now i can visualize what your talking about. nice work on the foot prints too.
    who but lu

  2. I like those foot and hand prints, too! What a memory! What excitement! Team work with Jesus at the Head! Way to go, boys! Praising God for each of you! May He continue to strengthen you! Hang in there, girls! The best is yet to come!

  3. Anonymous4:12 pm

    hey slices, nice pictures, though i actually couldnt see the parlor ones, they wouldnt show up maybe in banjul, ya just call me the Internet hog baby. I love my daddy too.
    love, arns


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