30 April 2008

J's Weight Loss Plan

So you may remember the contest A and I were having
when Abe the super babe was still in utero. If not here is a reminder.

Well, some of you were so kind as to remind me that A was going to instantaneously lose most of what she had gained and didn't think I would. Well, you were right. However, I have designed my own personalized weight loss plan. I would recommend it to..... well you decide whether you would enjoy it.

My program consists of.....
1. Eating up to 4 full meals a day, sometimes 2, sometimes 3.

2. Only sleep for 4-5 hours a night. This can vary from night to night, some with only 3 hours, and then every couple of weeks maybe 7, and once every couple months 8 hours in a night.

3. Be continually under massive amounts of every kind of stress.

4. Have your wife (cook/chef/personal food supplier) go on a non-dairy/ non-a-lot of other good foods diet so she doesn't feel like making much of anything that she can't eat.

5. Work on a farm.

6. Build a new milking parlor while expanding your dairy herd.

7. Eat ice cream at most meals to moderate the effects of burning the wick at both ends.

8. Calve the dry cows and heifers at your house so that the local calving surveillance official can wake you up in the middle of your few hours of sleep a night to make sure the mamas are ok.

In any case A thinks it is working!


  1. So what is the source of your "massive amounts of every kind of stress"?

    ...if you don't mind me asking.

  2. I don't mind you asking. Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to get back to you, I have been not getting any sleep and then trying to catch up on sleep (yesterday).
    Well, that is an interesting question. There are lots of things causing stress. I would generally have to say that normally, I don't have much stress in my life. Or I just don't get very stressed out. Lately I have been feeling plenty of it, but have been trying to rest in Christ over it all.
    To answer your question. The general stress of not getting nearly enough sleep. The general stress of spending a lot of money (parlor). Not spending anywhere remotely enough time with my wonderful wife and young lad.
    And then there is the stress of relational tensions in our family. My dad is retiring and passing on the farm. Well, as you can see in the picture from this post (not intended) I have my arm in a sling. This happened right before Abraham was born. My brother Peter (I only give his name so that none of my other brothers are in question) did this to me while he wsa in a rage. This was not the beginning of tension between us by any means. I honestly have no idea how it started or why he hates me, but he does. I have tried to talk with him and reconcile and ask for forgiveness for anything I have truly done to him, but he will not even talk to me, and hasn't for several months now. He is also now working on .... "divesting" (to be less than blunt) us of tens of thousand of dollars of assets. The only way to stop him would be by means I am not willing to employ. It isn't worth it and we are explicitly told not to fight for our own physically or in court. Along side of that he is smearing my name in the community. There have been times in the last half a year that A has been afraid for my life in dealings with him, and it probably hasn't been too out of line.
    So, it is a struggle to know how to respond as Christ to him. God is a just God, INFINITELY just. And I can trust in that, and know He will provide for us, And we pray that Christ will provide the sacrifice of standing in his place for what he is doing and that he won't bear it on himself. The toughest part is loving him, and doing good to him. I know we are called directly to do this. And by the grace of Jesus Christ we are being formed into his likeness. Some times it seems like a very slow process, this sanctification. Very slow. So, needlessly I have gotten some gray hairs out of this ordeal over the last several years from not trusting in God. But at least Angela thinks they are cute:). We covet your prayers about this. Thanks.


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