04 April 2008

29 Things You Should Know about Jonathan

1. He keeps his ponytail because I like it.
2. He once gave me two cats for Valentine's Day.
3. He loves talking to people, not about them.
4. He would eat hamburgers or steak everyday if he could.
5. He is passionate to see others know and find their joy in Christ.
6. He misses his old car, The Prince, a multi-colored Delta 88.
7. He would read all day and night if he had time and could stay awake.
8. He ponders the deep.
9. He once threw hunks of sugar cane into a pond of hippos in remote Zambia.
10. He reads The Trilogy (Tolkien of course) pretty much every other year (and has been reading it since Jr. High).
11. He loves leading our congregation in musical worship on Sundays.
12. He would rather swim in a lake than a pool.
13. He reads the world news and theological blogs almost every night.
14. He likes my new nickname for him...my kakapo:).
15. He loves the Word of God.
16. He was the first Shupe to sport a mohawk.
17. He told people as a child that he had two stomachs...like a Diesel with two tanks.
18. He carried Abraham in a baby Bjorn all through the airports on our recent trip.
19. He claims I married him because he has the sharpest teeth in the world.
20. He was the instrument God used to bring me to Christ.
21. He loves maps (won the geography award in high school even though he often slept through chunks of the class:)).
22. He was Gus Sharkey when I fell in love with him (although we were just friends).
23. He has traveled all 50 states and all but 3 Canadian provinces.
24. He loves jello cake.
25. He once jumped in the Arctic Ocean in August and gashed his arm on ice.
26. He loves a good story.
27. He should have two middle names...Lee and Softball.
28. He loves biology and exploring our Creator's Earth.
29. He was born 29 years ago today, the fourth son, four minutes after his Mama arrived at the hospital!!! Happy Birthday, Love!!


  1. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Happy Birthday to our son-in-law who always keeps life interesting and is a very unique individual that we are very proud of and love. You are a great papa to Abraham and husband to our daughter, Angela. We are blessed!
    Love Mom and Dad Lang

  2. With Birthday wishes like that, who needs Hallmark!?!!

    Happy BdaY Jman.
    Nice writing Angela.

  3. Anonymous5:44 pm


    A very happy birthday from the Carlsons. I would like to add that he is a tremendous friend, and an encouragment to all who know him. I second that middle name too.


  4. ah yes, I remember the Gus Sharkey days! Happy Birthday Shupe (albeit a day late).

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Kimmie7:32 pm

    Wait -- which play was that? Why can't I remember Gus Sharkey? Did I block those days out of my memory? Either way, Happy Belated Birthday, Jonathan!

  6. Happy Belated birthday Shupe! We hope you had a great day! Who could forget the Mohawk. I'm sure there are mothers who still have nightmares!

  7. Thanks all! You guys are great!:) And thank you Angela, you are all I could ever want in a wife even if you call me a Kakapo:).

  8. ah, the prince! my dad still talks about the time you drove to their house in the snowstorm with that car. happy birthday, shupie!

  9. Kim...it was Leader of the Pack.

    Thanks, everybody, for remembering with us! - A

  10. That Jonathan sounds like a neat guy. Too bad he lives far away.

  11. Happy Birthday Shupester,

    You are still a crazy and cool guy, that is obvious. Perhaps one of these centuries we will actually be able to hang out again and we'll find out how much we've changed and how much we are still the same.

    Peace out brother,

    Kraig B.


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