28 March 2008

Sweet Fellowship

A little backblogging here...
We had awesome fellowship the weekend of Blake's wedding. Here are a few of the people we got to hang out! We were bummed to not get pictures of everyone:(

Michael, Leslie and Cecily - We really enjoyed talking parenting and cattle:) with these guys!

Dave and Laura Gutierrez - a joy to meet little Natalie and see Elijah again!

Dan Lannin, Holly and Matt Z., Cherish & Tim Fedders, Crystal Lannin (clockwise from Jonathan)

Crystal and Ham Love:)

Heather Walburg - She and Sander (Blake's brother) graciously opened their home to us for the weekend. Abraham loved Heather - she figured out his "language" really well:).

Eric, Nikki, Eli and Jonathan C. - it was a special treat to hang out with these guys Sunday afternoon and have "the boys" meet each other for the first time!

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