12 March 2008

Pedro Sanchez and the FFA

Ok, so today was a rather interesting day. We had a visit from 3 nice gentlemen this morning on the farm that talked with us for an hour or two. You will find out who they are at a later date, as for right now who they are is irrelevant (At this point and time we are not going to approach the topic of the need for relevance and what is relevant. I realize most of you would probably like me to change my post and talk about the meaning of being relevant or not being relevant but I refuse at this point and time and you can't make me... I think...). Anyway these nice lads (yes they are guys) stopped by to talk to us about the big mess we are making outside and ways they could help us with that mess.

Well, we continued to make a big mess even more messy (sorry no picture of that today) and then later I decided to call the lads and tell them we would purchase one of the things for which they stopped by. So I call up a guy named Eric (to find the other guy's phone number): "Yo Eric, how's it going? This is Jonathan. I got (I know bad use of the English language, sorry) a question for ya."
"Hey Jonathan, I am doing good ( Eric starts laughing). Hey, before you ask me anything I have a question for you... Are your a Napoleon Dynamite fan (still laughing)."
I respond "Yeh right! That's like the worst movie ever..." The conversation melted down into a Pedro/Napoleon conversation reminiscent of a conversation I would have with my friend Blake. It was flippin sweet! Not something I expected from a business man at all. He went on to tell me his son asked for it for Christmas and now they love it:). Apparently that way of talking is enough of a part of my normal speech that he picked up on it:).

Ok, so Pedro Sanchez judges cows or something right, well, tonight I got to be a cow OB Doctor. We had a cow that had some problems (actually 2 of them). I had to put on this plastic glove that goes all the way to your arm pit and do some work in them. Well, it was pretty nasty, I work on cows all the time and the smell of the one almost made me chuck at one point. It was so bad that I think my phone passed out and came back to life. Well, it just so happens that while working on that heifer my glove got a tiny little hole it in and now my hands are to die from. I washed my hands at least 10 times now and they still stink like rot!!!!! I need advice! What can I wash my hands with to get rid of the super nasty stink? Please, for the sake of Abraham's sense of smell!


  1. I've never used the soap, but here is what I found in a Google search.


  2. I've used a "natural orange pumice" hand soap before and it worked quite well for getting grease and the smell of gas off my hands...as for rot - I'm not quite sure. Good luck! Danielle

  3. Thats like flipping sweet! I hadn't thought of the orange pumice we have that in the shop! Too bad I have already wiped out most of the population in MN from the smell of my hands:). Thankfully it went away after the next day and lots of grapefruit smelling B&BW (nasty) lotion.

  4. Anonymous10:56 am

    hot spice and jamima beans... nice work you pipe; I'm in Labe for a couple hours; figured id say hi. hope you had dandy trip. love, arns


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