02 March 2008

In dire need of an answer...

In lieu of recent events in conjunction with the anomaly know as "Leap Year", the officials at Shupe Shire are experiencing cognitive difficulties. A hypothesis was raised at a recent business meeting which resulted in an antitheses between the views of the executive and administrative branches. We at Shupe Shire request assistance and intervention regarding the question:

When should a first birthday be celebrated when leap day falls within the childs first year of life after birth? Rephrased: Should we celebrate Abraham's first year/birthday on Nov. 17 or 18?


  1. Anonymous5:44 pm

    November 17th of course:) other then this is the best day of the year (and he has a pretty cool uncle with a birthday on that day) The 17th is the only logical solution, 365 days!! brilliant:)
    who but lu

  2. Sorry, Lu. If the Shupes continuously accommodate only 365 days between each birthday, then Little Ham would be celebrating his 40th birthday on November 8th. Not to mention that he would be out of sync with the rotation of the earth around the sun. This may cause a space time continuum issue resulting in our nephew actually turning into a frog.


  3. It would appear that your colleagues at Meijer Mayhem (as you wish to refer to it) so do find themselves in utmost agreement with "melissa", sofarinasmuch as she describes the actual date on which that Abracadabraham would celebrate his 40th birthday.

    I would like to know if this 'extra day' is added at the end of a period where we've lost a 1/4 day for 3 consecutive years prior, and in the fourth year, we 'catch up'? Or is it done in the first year, where we leap 'ahead' 3/4 of a day, catching those 3 quarters over the next three years....

    things that make you go hmmmm.

  4. Thank you for the expert responses...November 18th it will be!:)


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